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Emma Dixon (@emmadixonhair)

Emma is based in the West Midlands and has been hairdressing for 16 years. Her commitment to constantly improving her skills means that she is always in search of new learning experiences. Emma says “I chose to enter Stage Star because I love Denman brush! We go way back. My mum used the brushes when we were kids. I learnt to do my hair, my sisters and my little pony’s hair with a Denman. I love the products and the bonus of working with such masters of our craft is an opportunity not to be missed. Denman is well established, ethical and innovative. I am keen to grow my styling skills, share them with others and to create my own collection is something I am excited to do. To have support and encouragement from Denman will just be a dream come true!”

Tia Gentles (@tiagentles_hair)

Tia is 27 and works at a salon in Hampshire. She began her hairdressing training while still at school and went on to complete a hair and make-up diploma and her Level 3 Hairdressing qualification. Tia says “I am ready to take that next step in my career. I've grown up with Denman even before I even thought about hairdressing as a career so to work with them would be amazing and I know it would be a great chance to up my skills and creativity. I'm excited and nervous to be on stage and show people my skills and to say I'm a finalist in such an amazing competition as Stage Star is amazing!

Kirsty Innes (@kirsty.watt.14)

Kirsty is the owner of Salon Studio 2 in Aberdeen, Scotland and has over 50 Award wins/nominations under her belt including Wella Trend Vision Craft Artist 2021 plus a raft of professional qualifications to match. Kirsty has made entering competitions a valuable tool in growing her career and pushing her skills to new heights. Kirsty says “I chose to enter Denman Stage Star because I have always dreamed of being part of something special and you don’t get any more special than the iconic Denman. This is a life changing opportunity and I really believe I can do Denman proud. The thought I could be part of this amazing brand that has been part of my whole career is just a fantastic opportunity. To win Denman Stage Star would have made all the sacrifices, time and energy worth it.”

Eric Wright (@ericwright85)

Eric is a Salon Owner in Nashville Tennessee and is the very first Stage Star USA winner and a Global Finalist. Eric went straight to cosmetology school after High School and after cosmetology school he assisted with a Redken hair colourist and stylist; it was that experience that embedded his thirst for education and since then Eric constantly pushes his skills with courses and ongoing learning. Eric says “I chose to enter Stage Star because I love my Denman 83 flat brush. I have had two in my 17 years working and it is something I use on pretty much every client. I am a huge over thinker and decided ‘why not enter, you have nothing to lose’.



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