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ASOS Beauty Awards 2022 Shortlist - Denman X The World Bee Project

Our Denman X The World Bee Project collaboration aims to support the incredible work which the World Bee Project do in protecting the bees whilst offering a BEE-AUTIFUL Tangle Tamer Ultra Bee Brush ❤ To top this, we've now been shortlisted in the ‘Best Beauty Collab’ category for The Beauty Awards 2022 with ASOS! Voting closes on 14th January 2022, so please show your love for Denman and The World Bee Project by registering your vote here: Beauty Awards 2022 | Vote Best Makeup, Skincare & Prizes | ASOS

Denman D90L Bee Brush X The World Bee Project - ASOS Beauty Awards 2022 Shortlist

What's so good about this brush?

Besides protecting our little bee friends and supporting this amazing cause with The World Bee Project, the Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra Bee Brush is actually a brilliant hairbrush! With expertly designed super-strength nylon bristles, it simply glides through tough knots and tangles without catching and dragging. Ideal for use on long, thick hair.

Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra Bee Brush

With an air-cushioned pad, the D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra gently responds to the contours of the head, making it gentle on the scalp. Using specialised High Definition Micro Fusion (a very efficient and environmentally friendly technology utilising a range of recyclable films and water based inks), the Bee brush is created to give a gorgeous, fully wrapped design.


Did you know that the D90L works wonders on wet or dry hair, wigs and hair extensions? 😊


Here's what our DenmanBrush Online Store customers say:

“I love the design and the brush is great to glide through my thick head of fine hair but not harsh that it breaks the fineness of each strand! I’d highly recommend.” 

"Love this beautiful brush, have one in 3 colours but the bee is so beautiful."

"I have long, wavy (with a mix of curls), baby soft fine hair and I experience lots of breakage and hair loss when I brush my hair (even when the hair is wet). It tangles so easily, even with a silk pillow case. This brush is absolutely amazing and exactly what I needed for my hair and sensitive scalp. I really love the bee print and that's what sold me on it, but the brush itself is a life saver for my hair."

Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra Bee Brush



The World Bee Project

Our partnership with The World Bee Project is going from strength to strength with record sales of the D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra Bee Brush 😊 Here's a little more about the important work they do:

Bees are suffering from high mortality rates, weakening health and productivity due to habitat destruction, climate change, disease and parasites, off-label pesticide use and pollution.
The World Bee Project
If we lose bees, not only would the world economy be in peril, but we’ll also lose animals that feed on these flowers and vegetables. This, in turn, would crash the food chain, affecting all human quality of life in the future. Using AI and emerging technologies, The World Bee Project strives to restore, conserve and protect bees and biodiversity and help reduce the effects of climate change whilst also creating social impact. 
The World Bee Project


Where will the Bee Brush donations be used in 2022?

Denman will be donating 5% of each Bee Brush sale towards The World Bee Project, which will help to launch their ‘Bees and Biodiversity’ flagship, community-based, conservation programme.

The World Bee Project

  • This magnificent flagship project is taking place in southern India with around 8,000 acres of mangrove forest (in one of the UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserves, World Heritage sites and UNESCO Global Geoparks). This will involve:
    • Regeneration and conservation of mangrove forests and restoration and conservation of threatened species including honeybees, wild bees, and the Slender Loris. The social / community aspect will consist of beekeeping training for tribal women in need of sustainable livelihoods. This will take place over a 3-year programme to include 240 women, plant 6,000 bee-friendly plants to increase forage for bees, and add 600 bee colonies to enhance biodiversity, increase bee population, help anchor mangroves, and stabilise biodiversity. A single hive/colony contains an average of 40,000 bees so 600 beehives will add around 24,000,000 bees to the local ecosystem.


Message from The World Bee Project: “Our heartfelt thanks to all of you at Denman, for all the effort, energy and goodwill you have put into your support for The World Bee Project. Please vote for this beautiful hairbrush! With its sales, Denman is helping us to help bees” (Sabiha Malik, Executive President, The World Bee Project CIC).

Denman Bee Brush X The World Bee Project Collaboration


So if you love the Denman X The World Bee Project collaboration as much as we do, then head over to The Beauty Awards 2022 with ASOS page and get voting! Beauty Awards 2022 | Vote Best Makeup, Skincare & Prizes | ASOS

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