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Award Season for Denman Brush




 It would seem that it’s award season for Denman as multiple magazines feature their brushes in their lists.

 We love Denman but there is nothing better than when people who are using the brushes every day get to share how much they love them too.


The D81M Style & Shine Brush With Synthetic Bristles (Vegan-Friendly) was awarded 'Best Vegan Hair Product' in the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023. The finishing brush is great for adding gloss and shine to the hair. Perfect for detangling whilst smoothing the hair. Ideal for use on hair extensions and wigs. 



Detangling is a serious problem for a lot of people.  Many of whom have had an issue from childhood so it is so great to feature in Elle magazine’s 9 detangling brushes for every hair type and budget.  They also state “as a leading publisher of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content, is committed to highlighting the best products in various categories by personally testing the latest and most innovative products, interviewing countless experts, and vetting customer-loved items.”  This means our brush has been tested alongside other detangling brushes and the experts found that our D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra  paddle brush is big enough to detangle your whole head in just a few swipes, without breaking off your ends or pulling at your scalp.


 Black Denman Tangle Tamer Ultra Paddle Brush


Jennifer Garner Front Cover Allure Magazine

The feature also mentions an amazon review which says “Thanks, Jennifer Garner! I didn’t believe this was going to be a ‘thing.’ Well, it was just so easy to brush through my entanglement of hair. A brilliant brush!”

It turns out Jennifer Garner has also mentioned the D90L in her Allure interview and it looks like she’s a fan as she says “I brush conditioner through the ends of my hair in the shower. This brush makes sure I reach every strand.”

Reader's Digest Editors' Choice 2023



Reader’s Digest featured the 11 Best Curly Hair products to restore you Natural coils and the Denman Classic Styling Hair brush earned the distinction of being recognised. 

 Curl Defining with Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row

In the article they write “Once the leave-in conditioner is worked into your strands, use a curly hair brush to form the curls. This is a crucial step in your routine, and using the best brush for your hair type makes a big difference. With nearly 60,000 five-star Amazon reviews, this Denman brush does the trick. Twisting sections of hair around the brush to create a spiral will guide the hair to take its natural shape. This Denman D3 pick is perfect for distributing product and restoring curl patterns.”

CNN Underscored


According to the CNN Underscored list of the 17 best hair brushes in 2023 perfect for detangling, styling and more, Denman are a must have.  It includes not one but FIVE Denman Hairbrushes.

The best part of being featured in this list is the wide range of Denman brushes they mention, showing just how versatile the brushes are and that all hair types are catered for.

There is a Denman hairbrush in each category from curly hair to wet hair.


Stephen Knoll and Ro Morgan share their experience and expertise with their choices below and with years in the industry it seems only right that we listen as they know what they are talking about.


Denman D4 Original Styler 9 Row

The D4 was chosen as a brush that offers control for both defining curls or smoothing them, this styling brush is a versatile option for those with curly hair. It has nine rows of nylon bristles that are spaced apart to avoid tugging or tearing the hair. Knoll recommends this brush because, “if your hair is coarse, curly or frizzy you want to use more of a vent brush, so in other words a brush that has less bristles.”

 Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row

Although Knoll assures that he is not a Denman spokesperson, the hair stylist vouches for the brand’s styling tools. “Quite honestly, I prefer to use a Denman on everyone,” he says. He recommends this versatile styling brush for those with fine, curly hair. The seven rows of nylon pins define the curls when wet and provide grip when styling.


 Denman D83 Paddle Hair Brush

This large paddle brush can take on thick strands and is a great everyday option for various styling needs. Morgan likes it for detangling, blow-drying and straightening.

 Denman D200 Skeleton Vent Hair Brush


A vent brush, named for the “vents” that open to the back of the brush, is an ideal styling companion for those that blow-dry their hair. While the bristles smooth the hair, the vents allow the air from the blow-dryer to circulate freely, giving more volume and lift to your hairstyle. Knoll uses Denman’s vent brush and his Stephen Knoll Hydrating Serum Mist to tame tangled locks.


It is a real honour to be recognised and we are very proud that the brushes make such a difference to so many people.  We will continue to create a wide range of brushes to make haircare easy and accessible for everyone.

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