This June, why not pay some extra special attention to one of our long-standing Denman brushes which often gets over-looked, but never forgotten! What a great hairbrush the D83 Paddle is - the ultimate all-rounder for detangling, blow-drying, styling and finishing. With two fab new colours added to the range this year, the D83 has finally been given a taste of excitement :)

After the year we have had, we all deserve a little comfort and balance back in our lives and the Denman D83 Paddle brush is exactly that. The video below shows the brush in full blow-dry action!

With a matt finish, easy-to-hold handle, this brush fits comfortably in your hand and with the air cushioned pad, there is extra comfort as you gently brush your hair.  The nylon pins also have ball-ended tips so you can enjoy creating a style without any hair breakage. The Denman D83 Paddle brush is especially great for blow-drying naturally curly hair, coily hair and waves as it allows a snag-free blow-dry. 

Denman D83 Paddle Brush

Did we mention that this year we have launched two fabulous new colours to the Denman D83 Paddle range? The Nordic Ice blue and Russian Grey are proving to be very popular. Cool and pristine, the Nordic Ice radiates modernism and serenity. Super-stylish and sophisticated, the Russian Grey exudes timeless professionalism. With a touch of sparkle from the Denman logo, the D83 paddle is on-trend but still possesses the high-quality features of the Denman brand. 

Denman D83 Paddle - Nordic Ice & Russian Grey

Perfect for all hair types, this brush is an all-round favourite for long, short, straight, curly and wavy hair as the pins can tackle tangles without any damage.

Denman D83 Paddle - Nordic Ice & Russian Grey

The D83 Paddle has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, so we've shared one top tip here with you...

Denman D83 Paddle - Top Tip

Don't take our word for it, just read the endless reviews and testimonials from our Denman Brush Online Store to hear what our customers are saying about the D83 Paddle - you will not be disappointed, that's for sure!

Denman D83 Paddle - Testimonials