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D6 Handy Detangler - Happy 70th Birthday!

Originally known as the “Be-Bop” brush and winning awards for best design since the 1950s, this brush worked hard alongside Brylcreem to keep the Teddy boys looking sharp all day long.


Denman D6 Handy Detangler


Appropriately named the D6, it has 6 significant skills which have been helping hairdressers and their clients for decades.


1. Wet Detangler

This completely waterproof brush is great for detangling wet hair during or after a shower.  Adults and children can both enjoy this spherical miracle - perfect for the bath, shower, gym, pool, or beach. Just remember to always detangle from ends to roots.

D6 Wet Detangler

2. Curl Definer

Perfect for defining those curls to keep them looking fresh.

D6 Curl Definer

3. Massager

The extra-soft plastic pins are gentle on the scalp and massage the head and hair follicles while stimulating hair growth and shine.  A brilliant tool for any home or salon.

TOP TIP: Use one in each hand to create the ultimate salon head massage experience.


4. Barbershop Styler

This has been a barbershop must-have for men’s hair and product distribution for decades.

Garry Jackson Barber

Garry Jackson from Northern Ireland’s professional barbershop says “I’ve always loved the Denman D6 brush, or as I’ve always known it the ‘Be Bop’ brush. It makes me quite nostalgic, because it takes me way back to when I was 16 years old & I was getting my first Flat Top haircut! All in all, an iconic, classic brush which throws up lots of very fond memories.”


5. Conditioner Companion

The flexible round ended pins are ideal for making sure conditioner gets evenly distributed throughout the hair to ensure best haircare nourishment.


6. Dead Hair Remover

The D6 helps remove the dead hairs so you can eliminate hair loss throughout the day.

It works great for women during pregnancy and post-birth as it stimulates the scalp and helps reduce hair loss.

Denman D6 Handy Detangler - Customer Reviews


With so many amazing benefits, this veteran brush is a fantastic edition to any hair regime. 

It comes in iconic black plus 4 NEW fun colours, so you can have one for every member of your house!

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