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Denman Detanglers - Your Guide to Perfect Detangling



Is the dreaded D word putting you off taking good care of your hair?   

No, not Denman - Detangling.   

 For those who suffer with knotty hair, it can be something you fear every morning. But consistency is key so finding the best brush to suit you is a must. 


Top Tangle free Tips! 


  • When brushing, always start from the bottom and work your way up to the roots.   
  • Lather the shampoo at the roots and use a little amount on the strands.   
  • Don’t over massage the hair while shampooing or it could cause matting.   
  • Brush the conditioner through to the ends and wait before rinsing.  
  • Use a detangle spray. 
  • Swap your towel for a microfibre towel to reduce friction.  
  • Sleep on a silk pillow with your hair up or wrapped to avoid loose hair becoming tangled. 


Detangle with Denman! 


Often we are looking for one brush to manage every aspect of our hair care but it is important to have the right tools for the job.  With such a wide range of Denman brushes it may be that you are missing a brush specifically designed for detanglingUsing a few different brushes in your hair care routine can get you the best results. 


The D3 Classic Denman is a multi purpose brush and amazing for defining curls but it is not a detangling hairbrush.  Using this on wet or dry hair before detangling may cause unnecessary hair loss so it is important to find the right detangling brush to detangle your hair gently before styling with your D3. 


Thankfully all our detangling brushes can be used on wet and dry hair as their flexible pins are designed to move with your hair but it is best to detangle you hair when it’s dry before getting in the shower. And take your time. Then when you’re in the shower you can use the D6 to brush through the conditioner which will help make your hair healthier and help smooth out any remaining knots. 


The Brushes! 


The range starts with the Tangle Tamer Ultra  for those with sensitive scalps and goes all the way to the Denman Detangler for those who want a little more strength to fight their barnet battles.  But all make sure to minimise snags and breakages as much as possible. 




The D94L All star brush has the best of everything. Its lightweight handle is elegant and is designed using technology from aircraft components in the aerospace industry to make it both incredibly strong and much lighter.  The air cushioned pad massages the scalp by gently responding to the contours of the head while the ball-ended pins invigorate the scalp to promote healthy hair. The bristles flex with the hair, gliding through and gently detangling while the size makes it ideal on thick, course and/or curly hair. This Tangle Tamer is purposefully built to withstand high temperatures so is the perfect brush for heat styling and blow drying and the increased surface area is perfect for fast results.  


The Denman D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra hairbrush glides speedily through knots and tangles with ease leaving your hair feeling smooth, sleek and detangled. Ideal for longer, thicker hair where a more powerful, stronger detangling brush is needed. Flexible dual length bristles respond to knots in the hair reducing pulls and tugs. The air cushioned pad follows the contours of the head. Perfect for detangling wet hair and brushing out curls and waves in dry hair. Ideal for wigs and extensions. 


The D38 Denman Detangler is designed for maximum speed, comfort and control.  The definitive professional paddle is a hybrid created by combining the smooth, styling power of Denman’s iconic styling pins with the paddle brush. Captured in an air-cushioned pad, the sculpted round-ended nylon pins effortlessly glide through the hair when detangling, curl defining, push-drying or blow-styling. 

And for short to medium hair or travelling, the D38P Petit Denman Detangler is perfectly compact. 


The Denman D6 Scalp Massage & Shampoo Brush is great to distribute shampoo and conditioner through your hair, and to help rinse out and detangle afterwards. Firm yet flexible soft plastic pins massage and invigorate the scalp. Circular shape and hand strap for added control. Lightweight and easy to use.  


The Jack Dean by Denman D25 Fantail Comb features 8 widely spaced teeth (with rounded ends to guard against scalp damage) that easily penetrate thick hair and a double-pronged fantail that's perfect for teasing. It is a classic tool used to detangle, section and style.  A wide-tooth comb for all hair types, it is ideal for untangling wet hair, combing through wet products and styling afro hair. 


Let’s be honest, if your hair looks great, you look great and your day will be great.   

So go enjoy your great day and your great hair by Denman! 


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