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Denman Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The countdown to the holiday season has begun! If you are feeling festive or need a little something to get you in the holiday mood, just take a look at Denman’s guide to the perfect gifts this season. Whether you are buying for her, for him, for the little ones or just want a cute little holiday gift; your haircare needs are taken care of here at Denman!


For Her


Wife, mother, sister or your best friend…choose a thoughtful gift for her with one of these Denman beauties.

ICONIC D3 Original Styler comes available in an elegant white gloss handle with rose gold foil stamped crown. Perfect for defining wet curls as well as blow-drying, shaping and styling.

NEW TREND this season is the Plaid Stag Collection. If she is always on-trend or simply likes plaid designs or stags, then these brushes are for her. Choose from the D3 Original Styler or the D83 Paddle which is the perfect all-rounder for all hair types and works wonders when it comes to fast and gentle styling.

LUXURY D38 Power Paddle brush in sophisticated white handle with beautiful rose gold foil stamped crown is a style icon. Whether you want to style, detangle, blow-dry or define wet curls, the Power Paddle ticks all the boxes.


For Him


When he has literally got everything, then buying the perfect gift is always so tricky! You’ve done clothes, toiletries, games, socks etc in the past…so what else is there?? Why not think outside the box and choose a useful gift like a hairbrush. Depending on budget (and also hair type), there are plenty of Denman brushes and combs to choose from.

RETRO D6 Palm Styler is an inexpensive, compact brush which is perfect for detangling, scalp massage and distributing wet product through the hair. It is made from a waterproof material so convenient for shower/bath use.  

FAST-DRY D200 Skeleton Vent brush is flexible with specially located vents to aid rapid blow-drying. If your gent wants to create extra root-lift for a quiff hair style, then this brush is for him. Comfortable ball-ended tips ensure the flexible pins glide through the hair as well as gently detangle.

LUXURY Jack Dean Italian Beech Wood Military Brush is tufted with 100% natural bristle which gently penetrate the hair, whilst lifting and spreading natural oils along the cuticle for enhanced condition and shine. What that really means is that it’s a top-notch quality gent’s brush!


For The Kids


Big kids or little kids, we’ve got the ideal gifts for all the family this holiday season! Whether it’s a functional hairbrush you are looking for, or just the latest cool design, you have come to the right place. We have so many detanglers to suit all hair types – the 2 main categories are ‘Powerful Detangling’ which gets through thick hair, curls and even the toughest knots; and ‘Gentle Detangling’ which have super-soft, flexible bristles that are perfect for fine, fragile hair and those with sensitive scalps. Now that’s the science – onto the FUN bit…colours and designs!

GENTLE D93M Tangle Tamer Gentle brushes come in different fun colour combos – ideal for wet and dry detangling. With specially designed ‘gentle’ bristles set into an air-cushioned pad, this brush effortlessly glides through fine, fragile hair. Perfect for children or those with sensitive scalps.  

RAINBOW OF HOPE D90L Tangle Tamer Ultra hairbrush is celebration of hope during these tough times throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Visually appealing, this powerful detangler can get through anything…even the thickest hair and toughest tangles. Ideal for medium to longer length hair.  

RETRO GAMING D90 Tangle Tamer Ultra Mini now comes in 2 retro gaming designs – cube and headphones. With powerful detangling bristles, these mini brushes are perfect for teenagers and retro / gaming fans. Ideal for wet and dry detangling.


 Holiday Gifts


Looking for something small? The DenmanBrush Online Store has plenty of compact, inexpensive items.

CURLS ALERT The Denman Curl Volumiser comb is the perfect gift for all those curly girls and guys out there! Great for adding root-lift and volume to curls as well as achieving curl definition. Its specially selected material makes this comb firm yet flexible - exactly what curls need.

MINI STYLER D14 Kyoto Cherry Blossom is a beautiful 5 row styler with crisp white gloss handle and hot pink pad. This ultimate and multi-functional hairbrush is perfect for detangling, blow-drying, styling and smoothing hair. Also, not forgetting curls, the D14 incorporates smooth, round-ended pins which are excellent for defining wet curls.

BACKCOMBER Tool is essential for creating volume and lift, back-combing and styling the perfect up-do. Excellent for use on hair extensions and wigs. The great thing is its handle acts as a brilliant sectioning tool, so no need for a separate tail comb!


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