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Denman - The Sea Beast

“There was a time when children dreaded….” brushing their hair. 

Maisie loves her book ‘Tales of Captain Cook and the Inevitable’. She wants nothing more than to join Captain Cook and the other hunters to stop the beasts terrorising the people.  But it turns out “history is a lie” and the Tales of Captain Cook were just stories in a book and the beasts were  actually not to be feared or hunted at all. 

Just as brushing your hair is not to be feared. 

These ocean blue brushes will tackle her tangles and leave her with a style ready for her hair-raising hunts!

By using the Tangle tamer Ultra dual length nylon bristles, her tangles will disappear in no time and the D4 round-ended nylon pins are perfect for brushing through product and twisting her hair around to form perfectly defined curls.

What’s more these brushes are so versatile everyone onboard can make use of them, from long hair to short or curly to straight


Or even ultra Tangled hair!! 

When hunting Sea Beasts you don’t always have time to worry about what your hair is doing but these sailors know they can always rely on their Denman when the hunt is done and the sea calms so they can go and “live a great life”.

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