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Get Holiday Party Prepared with Denman!

The great news is that achieving the most on trend style of 2023 has never been easier as it would seem the shorter the hair, the better.

Microbobs, pixie cuts and the bixie cut are the latest trends in haircuts this year. 


Florence PughEmma Corrin


The bixie cut combines the pixie, mullet and bob to create a fun, easy to maintain look that celebrities like Florence Pugh and Emma Corrin have been making popular.  The D14 5 Row Styler can keep it looking great all the way through the night and it’s easy to fit in your party clutch bag.

 Woman with Long Blonde Hair in a Red Bow

Never is there a more perfect time of year to add some sparkle to your special hairstyles to help you shimmer across that dance floor or twinkle across the “work dinner” table.  Whether you choose to go half up with a bow or a fun plait with glitter added, this is an easy way to add some festive cheer to your look.

 D38 Denman Detangler Paddle Hair Brush for detangling & blow drying long thick hair

Coming from work it’s not always easy to be festive ready so maybe some extra prep in the morning can help you achieve your perfect look by making you ready for anything. 

Washing and straightening your hair first thing will help your hair look brilliant all day and into the evening.

The Denman Detangler can maintain this powerful look for you.

 A chic bun is a classy look but if you want to create a fun party trend then why not give Rudolph a go.  Not just for kids, the adults can have a little fun this holiday season too.

Children's Hair Bun with Rudolph Accessories Christmas Theme  Denman D81M Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Taming Fly Aways



Treat yourself to a salon blow-dry or to achieve this look at home use the Head Hugger range.


Denman Head Hugger Range Christmas Photography Orange Barrel Hair Brushes

 But this year seems to be all about the fun as we spot another trend.

The Christmas tree trend!

Blond Woman with Hair shaped and decorated like a Christmas tree

If you really want to wow your work colleagues or family this Christmas then pop some baubles in your beehive and even spray it green for the full holiday effect! 

Blow-drying with the Head Huggers will help add the volume you need to make your hair as impressive as your night out.


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Get Holiday Party Prepared with Denman!
Get Holiday Party Prepared with Denman!


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