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A book can only be the beginning. To be truly magical you need a magic wand and that’s where Denman come in!  Here at Denman, we have all the tools to help grown-ups make children and their beautiful natural hair look however they choose.

These enchanted brushes will cast a spell on your curls and conjure up the coolest crown:

You can tackle those tangles with the wickedly waterproof D6 Be Bop Handy Detangler which is also ideal for distributing product and great for sensitive scalps and fragile hair.

The D38 Power Paddle has the power to style your hair to perfection, strong enough to get through thick hair but with care and protection.

 But if you are looking to charm your curls, then the D3 Original Styler 7 Row will define them with a twist of the wrist, casting magical results.

 To add that finishing flare, look to the D17 Curl Volumiser & D92 Edge Tamer.  The D17 Curl Volumiser is used to separate, tease and sculpt your curls while the D92 Edge Tamer smooths all those edges for that sleek , spectacular, spellbinding style.





 So, whether you have curls, coily hair, an afro or braids, then don’t despair. With Denman you can be a star. Be proud of who you truly are.

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