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Have an Ice Day!


The benefits of the cold and ice bathing has been popularised in recent years by “The Iceman” himself, Wim Hof. He teaches that the practice of immersing yourself in cold water on a regular basis can provide long-lasting changes to your body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems that can enhance the overall quality of your life.

Ice bathing

But Nordic countries have been practising this for over 100 years and research into the health benefits of winter bathing indicate benefits including lower risk of infections, reduced inflammation, and better stress control.

As many of us are not near icy lakes like the Nordic countries, the best way for us to start is with a blast of cold water at the end of our shower but the benefits don’t stop with our body. 

There are actually many benefits to rinsing off your conditioner with cold water.  It is great to cleanse your hair in warm water as this opens the pores allowing the dirt to be effectively washed away.  (It is important that it is not hot water as this can damage your hair.) The problem with rinsing off your conditioner in warm water is that it can dissolve lipids and immediately rinse away the nutrient-filled product, wasting time and money. 

Cold Water Hair Rinse

However, a cool rinse will remove excess product without stripping away all of the moisturising ingredients.  This will help stop frizz which is caused by dryness.  Cold water also improves blood circulation which enables your roots and scalp to receive valuable nutrients to remain healthy, therefore, washing hair with cold water promotes hair growth.

While warm water opens the cuticles in order to cleanse, the cool water closes them and closed cuticles mean smoother cuticles which makes light reflect better off the hair and more reflection gives your hair that much wanted shine.

Denman Nordic Ice Collection

Pair all of this with our NEW Denman Nordic Ice Brush Collection and you and your hair will look and feel better than ever.

A cool, crisp colour with chilling results! Available in the iconic D3 Original Styler 7 Row and the trusty D83 Paddle brush.  

Denman Nordic Ice Hairbrush Collection

Plus, let’s not forget that “ICE” stands for “In Case of Emergency” and isn’t Denman always there in an emergency? Through hot and cold, through thick and thin and INTO THE UNKOWN?!


Disclaimer: People with high blood pressure or with heart conditions should, of course, consult a doctor before trying winter bathing and it is also important not to stay exposed to the cold for too long.


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