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In the Wink of an Eye!

D3 Wink & Blink

The language of lockdown love…

As lockdown continues in many parts of the world and masks must be worn to keep us safe, it has become clear that flirting will be much more challenging this year. 

Unless you are lucky enough to be wearing a DenPro translucent Bubl mask, you are reduced to communicating solely with your eyes.  Well, I guess they are the window to our soul after all!

DenPro Bubl Transparent Mask

But never fear because we are here to tell you the new signals to look out for when you are trying to find your Valentine this February.

To find your supermarket sweetheart there are a few things you need to know…

If someone looks at you and is squinting like they can’t read the small print, the likelihood is that under their mask they are smiling at you.  This is a great sign.

But if someone is staring at you and you can hear them grunting under their mask, they are probably looking to get to the chicken fillets in the section you are standing in-front of, so I would step aside and move on.

If you reach for that last packet of toilet roll at the same time as someone else but they step back and indicate for you to have it - they are marriage material! I would grab that packet, rip it open and give them one of the 4 precious rolls.  Forget your last Rolo, 2021 is all about your last roll.  True love is brewing!

But the one signal which outdoes any other and leaves you unmistakably sure that they are interested in you…

 The Wink

The wink -

In the past ‘the wink’ has been reserved for the passerby who goes on to tell you to “smile, love” but as smiling is redundant in a busy supermarket under your mask, more people have taken to using ‘the wink’ and it is quickly becoming 2021’s best ‘chat up line’. No need for any mask muffled “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” nonsense.  Everyone is just one eye lid lowering away from finding their One and Only.

 D3 Wink & Blink

DISCLAIMER - Not to be confused with blinking as a blink is an involuntary movement of the eyelids usually used to remove debris from their eye or to protect them from elbows flying in the ‘fight for flour’. 

No, winking is 100% intentional and the number one tool in today’s language of love. 

 D3 Wink & Blink Original Styler 7 Row

So, keep a close eye out for any Covid Casanovas in your local store and if you can’t find any, get online and grab your Denman D3 Wink & Blink brush because you can always rely on Denman to make you feel special <3

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