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Josh Woodman – Spring/Summer 2021 Hair Collection

Denman is delighted to share the new Spring/Summer 2021 hairdressing collection from Josh Woodman. As a Senior Stylist at Adam Reed London, Josh is a regular at fashion week and often works on a number of leading UK celebrity TV shows, such as The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. Josh has has work featured in multiple magazine publications including the cover of Malvie magazine. He is also the current Denman Stage Star competition winner from the UK's top hairdressing exhibition, Salon International.

Josh Woodman

Talking about his latest collection, Josh says "After all the lockdowns and restrictions in going out, as the world re-opens we’re going to see a return to glamour – with women wanting to spend time and effort in getting dressed up to go out."

"As salons have been closed, a lot of women have grown their hair and won’t be in a hurry to cut it off just yet, preferring instead to dress it up, style it and just make the most of it.  One key look will be soft, natural looking waves on shiny, healthy well-conditioned hair; possibly accessorising with a clip or a beret."

Denman DHH3 Head Hugger Brush

"To create this look, the waves were all set off base using the Denman DHH3 Medium Head Hugger brush, allowing the brushes to cool in the hair.  Sprayed with hairspray and then brushed out using the Denman D81M Style & Shine brush." – Josh Woodman

Josh Woodman Spring/Summer 2021 Collection


Hair by Josh Woodman @joshwoodmanhair

Photography by @omjphotography

Model @natashamsandhu

MUA @fatinhasadomua

Styling @anishavasanicreates

Wearing @modernmaharaniofficial


Denman Interviews Josh 


Denman: Josh, is there anything in your kit that you absolutely cannot live without?

JW: Yes I am obsessed with my Denman D81 Style & Shine brush and Denman D92 Edge Tamer. They are an essential part of my hair kit and come absolutely everywhere with me! My favourite styling tip is spraying hairspray directly onto the brush instead of applying it to the hair to remove any flyaways. 

Denman D81 Style & Shine

Denman: Covid-19 has impacted pretty much every hairdresser and salon around the world.  How has it affected you personally?

JW: Covid-19 has affected me massively. 3 weeks before lockdown I had moved  200 miles across the country to start my dream job at Adam Reed London. I missed all the buzz that comes with a new adventure in a big city that I had always dreamt of working in. However, being lock-downed for so long has taught me to become more self motivated and cherish all the little things in life we all used to take for granted.

Denman: Do you think the pandemic has changed how we view hairdressers and hairdressing?

JW:  I think that’s down to us as an industry. There’s been a huge increase in home hairdressing and I’m sure many people have found ways to do their own hair or let their colours grow out. And I’m sure that many will be happy to carry on that way. But on the other hand there are many that have struggled to get their hair looking the way they like it.  So it’s up to us to show the value of the hair professional.

Denman: So you see the end of the pandemic as an opportunity?

JW: Absolutely.  Look, we all cook and eat at home, but there’s nothing like going to a good restaurant. Yes it’s still food, but it’s so much better and different from what you eat normally. And it’s not just the quality of the food and the cooking, it’s the atmosphere, the service, being treated like you're special. And that’s the same for a salon experience.

Denman: So now it’s about focussing on the salon experience as much as the haircut?

JW: Yes, it’s crucial that we not only show people why they need to ditch the home hair dye and get a decent haircut, but also that a trip to the salon is an experience worth the time and cost. It’s up to all us hair professionals to really show them what they’ve been missing.

Denman: Can you give some examples?

JW: The shampoo for example; nothing in the world beats a good shampoo. Good quality products and a relaxing head massage leaves you relaxed and your hair feeling great. You can’t get this at home. In our salon we use the Denman D6 Be-Bop brush to massage the scalp during conditioning and to really enhance and heighten the experience. And then there’s the blow-dry where you can really show clients what they’ve missed.

 D6 Be-Bop Handy Detangler

Denman: You’re right, when we do our hair at home it’s never the same!

JW: Exactly. Even with all the mousses and electrical stylers in the world, clients can’t make their hair look as good as a salon blow-dry.  We’re expecting a lot of clients to have grown their hair over the last year, so we’re looking forward to creating a lot of gorgeous shiny bouncy curls with the Denman Head Huggers. People have been stuck in doors, they’re ready to go out on the town. They’ll want to look amazing and we can do that.

Denman: What have you missed most during lockdown?

JW: Being creative of course, and I’ve not earned as much that’s for sure so I’m really looking forward to getting back to doing hair and earning a living. But I have to say the thing I’ve missed most is the banter we have in the salon with the clients and the team.  Ask any hairdresser and they’ll say the same, when the salon is busy it’s buzzing; there’s no place like it in the world.

Denman: Well, we’ll leave you to get back to it and good luck!

JW: Cheers and good luck to everyone. Let’s show them what they’ve missed!

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