Did you know that you can easily recycle any of the Denman iconic brushes (including the D14, D3, D4 and D31)? Follow our simple 3-step guide on how to dispose of your brush responsibly. Help to make a difference to our planet today!

We are all doing what we can these days to reduce waste and care for the planet.  Denman, more than most, are keen to make things as easy as possible for you to continue this mission. 

After making sure all the brush packaging is free from single use plastic, we now want you to know just how easy it is to recycle your Denman iconic brushes!

Denman Iconic Brushes



Dismantling your Denman and recycling it in your household plastics recycling bin couldn’t be simpler! You can then use your brand-new Denman brush knowing you’ve responsibly disposed of the old one and it’s going on to have another life.



Three easy steps for dismantling your Denman.

(The first two steps can also be used when cleaning your brush.)



- Slide the pad from the handle

- Individually remove each row of pins using the bobble end for easy grip

- Dispose of all parts in your household plastics recycling bin



So why is it important to reduce waste and dispose of your Denman brush responsibly? There’s a much bigger picture behind all of this – saving the planet! We are now much more aware of the thoughtless way we treat, use and dispose of plastics in our everyday lives. It leads to awful pollution and impact on wildlife that we are all responsible for. Denman is taking a proactive role in reducing waste and lessening the environmental impact of our production and products. Firstly, by developing 100% sustainable, recyclable packaging for all Denman products.

 New Denman 100% Sustainable, Recyclable Packaging

Secondly, by reducing wastage and increased recycling of scrap parts at our Denman production site in Northern Ireland. Thirdly, by looking at our carbon footprint and ensuring our materials are sourced from ethical suppliers. 

 The Denman Footprint


With such a durable, long-lasting brush; recycling and renewing your entire Denman brush doesn’t need to happen often but knowing that you can discard it responsibly will be a real weight off your mind. Help Denman to continue their crusade and make a difference 😊