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'No Time To Die' Bond Movie Release

With the release of “No time to die” Bond movie upon us, the action has finally begun again. 

No matter how close to death Bond comes, he always looks pristine and here at Denman, we have a feeling there are a few more secrets he’s hiding in his suit jacket that aren’t his gun!

When we think of James Bond we think of clean cut, perfect hair and ultimate style.  All of these traits are also exactly what Jack Dean by Denman stands for.

Jack Dean by Denman

This is not the only connection Bond has had with a hairbrush. 

In the 1973 film “Live and let die” his brilliant gadget inventor and quartermaster ‘Q’ made a radio and morse code transmitter out of a hairbrush which Roger Moore was able to use to contact Quarrel Junior. 

James Bond Hairbrush Gadget

The Jack Dean by Denman Luxury Military brush would work perfectly for this, if ‘Q’ is looking for another invention to help out Bond.

Jack Dean by Denman - Luxury Military Brush

But to win over those Bond girls we think he needs one of these fantastic brushes from the collection.  No need for gadgets because these brushes are powerful tools in themselves.

Denman D6 Be Bop Handy Detangler

The D6 Be Bop Handy Detangler is the perfect brush for anyone on the go. Great for detangling wet hair and scalp massage in the shower and distributing product, which would keep Bond ready for any eventuality…

Bond Movie

The D200 Skeleton Vent is a classic brush which adds volume and style with such ease.  Just like Bond, this brush never goes out of style.

Denman D200 Skeleton Vent Brush


And because we know he’s a traditional man when it comes to the art of shaving, the Jack Dean by Denman Shaving Brush will keep him clean and smooth at all times.

Jack Dean by Denman Shaving Brush

Bond is certainly “keeping the British end up”, just like Denman continues to do.

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