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The Art of Technical Colouring

For the first time the simple tint brush has been re-thought and re-designed as a precision tool. This new patented tint brush design incorporates ‘Temple Technology’ where high-quality synthetic bristle is angled to create a narrow and long-lasting tip for detailed and precise colour application. The bristle length and angled design enables the brush to hold just the right amount of colour without overloading or reducing the precision edge.

Temple Technology

The perfectly balanced ergonomically designed handle is contoured to fit comfortably in the hand for exquisite control and a level of precision not possible with traditional tint brushes.

Denman’s Precision Colouring Brushes come in three sizes: Small – for detailing and micro-Balayage, Medium – for classic Balayage, re-touching and highlights; and Large – for panel colouring, pasting, and glazing.

Denman Precision Colouring Brushes

An integral part of the Denman’s Precision Colouring Kit is the uniquely designed Balayage Board which was created using Jack’s own extensive experience and skill as a Balayage artist.  Designed to be ambidextrous, the double-sided Balayage Board has both textured and smooth panelled areas. The smooth side is a palette for holding colour and blending while the textured side is designed to securely hold sections of hair for detail colouring. And as with the Precision Brushes, the Balayage Board has a sculptured handle for grip and comfort.

Denman Precision Colouring Tools

The Denman Precision Colouring tool kit also includes a dedicated Mixing Brush exclusively for mixing and preparing colours, leaving the Precision Brushes solely for the technical work, avoiding splaying and prolonging the brushes’ pristine condition.

Denman Precision Colouring tools come as a full kit which includes the Precision Brushes, the Balayage Board and the Mixing Brush or the Precision Brushes are available as a set or individually.

Jack Howard

Bit about Jack Howard

London-based colour expert Jack Howard’s career has spanned three decades and four continents. Widely credited with bringing Balayage to the UK and still a world leading innovator in the technique, Jack developed his own brand of education to share his knowledge.  Today he delivers his hugely popular courses to high profile salons as well as teaching thousands of colourists and colour salons worldwide. 

In his career he has had many influential roles and today Jack is the Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global BLONDME Ambassador.  Previously he’s been UK Colour Spokesperson & International Artist for L’Oréal Professional as well as collaborating with Beauty works online creating the first balayage line of hair extensions.

Based at the prestigious Paul Edmonds salon in London’s Knightsbridge, ‘Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds’ is the go-to place for exception hair colour. Most recently he was given the Colour World UK’s ‘Commercial Colour Genius’ award in 2019 and voted Marie Claire Hair Colourist of the Year in 2018. And he is not just recognised for his technical skills, in 2019 he was the British Hairdressing Business Awards ‘Social Stylist of the Year winner for his profile and use of social media.

When it comes to celebrity hair styling, Jack is a firm favourite. With clients such as Abbey Clancy, Gillian Anderson, Mollie King (The Saturdays), Vanessa Kirby, Ana Beatriz Barros; not to mention his on-set styling of Britain’s Next Top Model and Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody).


Top Tips from Jack

Global Colour Educator, Jack Howard says “the three brushes all aid and improve the application of colour. The large brush really helps speed up large paints, glazing and toning. The width and length of the bristles means you can apply a good amount of product to a wide area. The design and ergonomics however mean it is really easy to control, so even though you are applying to large sections, you can still be precise.”

Jack provides another top tip for any aspiring colour technician: “use free-hand detailing to tide clients over. If a client does not have the time for a full application, you can paint a few singles in the parting and around the hairline that will help the colour last a few extra weeks.”

Jack Howard - Denman Precision Colouring Tools


Endorsed by Leading Colourists

“A big thank you to Jack Howard and Denman for creating these amazing tools. I love the quality and the design. The bristles, the sizes, the shape of the handle – even rounded edges on the tint brushes. These details may seem small and unimportant, but the fact that they have been incorporated into the design shows that they truly understand how a colourist operates and the technicality of colour applications.” Christiano Lanza – Colour Education & Consultancy.

“As a colourist the Denman precision colouring tools are exactly what I’ve been waiting for. The texture and size of each brush makes a huge difference. As a Balayage specialist, these tools have really enabled me to enhance my colour application and freehand painting techniques.”  Georgia Bell – Hair Colour Technician.



Q&A with Jack Howard

Jack Howard - Denman Precision Colouring Tools


– Tell me about Denman's new precision colouring tools and how did you get involved?

I have been frustrated for years with how bad colouring brushes are and finally gave up the hunt for a decent one, so I decided to design one myself. I went to Denman with a design concept including a 3D print of the handle and a clear idea of what I did and did not need from a colouring brush.

 What is so special about the new balayage board you helped to design for Denman?

Two things: one the handle is comfortable to hold for all hand sizes and it can also be used by left or right-handed people.  And functionality-wise, it was developed by a colourist for colourists, so it’s practical and functional.

– Aside from product, how critical are tools for the 2021 colourist?

Beyond critical – absolutely essential! Colour is no longer just a tint or a set of foils, it is all encompassing and super detailed, highly technical skill. Hair cutters have high precision scissors, and so it is about time colourists had precision tools for their craft too.

– How do you see the evolution of balayage techniques since you started using them until today?

When I started in Balayage over 20 years ago the aim was super soft and very natural results. Now we see it used for a whole spectrum of results, from incredibly delicate fine paints to strong and heavy panels and colours; so, we need tools that can deliver this vast array of results.

– What do you value the most about your job as a colourist?

All of it!  I am so lucky; my world of colour is super-fast paced. I have an amazing clientele in the salon, I do shoots and campaigns plus I get to teach all over the world. I love every second of it.

– As a colour educator, what is the most challenging thing to teach?

The challenge is to make sure that whatever I teach, reflects my core values and that I keep my education clear and simple to understand. And of course, what I teach is relevant and has commercial value.

– A colour trend you would like to see come back is…

Cap highlights as they are so satisfying to watch being removed on Instagram... I’m joking! No seriously, I don’t think we need to see anything ‘come back’ per se; it’s just great to see traditional techniques grow and evolve into something fresh.

– How did your journey with colour begin?

It began as an apprentice 30 odd years ago but it was only when I went to work in the states in 1993 that I saw the potential for a career in colour. That is when my fantastic career in colour really began.

– What is your favourite colouring technique at the moment?

Balayage all the way

– Share with us unforgettable colour advice

Learn from your mistakes – don’t be defined by them.

– What do you think the future of colour is?

It is going to get ever better with more detailed and tailored techniques, greater technological development in products and tools and a more wide-spread availability of good quality education. Certainly not a return to basics, thank goodness!


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