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The Brush FUR You!

If a man’s best friend is a dog then a woman’s best friend is her Denman <3 But put them together and you get the most terrier-ific new brushes that the whole family will love! We know how much people love their dogs and with over 3 million dogs bought during lockdown in the UK, we knew what people would be looking for and as if by magic…LABRACADABRADOR…


Denman Power Paddle - Dogs


Five of the most adorable pooches featured on the new designer range of the Denman D38 Power Paddle will most certainly sort out your haircare needs…we’re paw-sitive you will love them!

Denman Power Paddle - German Shepherd


Together with the award winning ‘best in breed’ Power Paddle brush, you can choose your favourite pooch from 3 new designs - German Shepherd, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Black Labrador. 

Denman Power Paddle - German Shepherd, Black Labrador and Staffordshire Bull Terrier


OR back by popular demand, 2 previous designs - Pug and Dachshund!

Denman Power Paddle - Pug and Dachshund


The Power Paddle was always going to be your best friend, but now you’ve got a friend for life. And just like a four-legged companion, your curl defining, super-fast blow-drying, sleek styling and amazing detangling Power Paddle will be there when you need it and never let you down 😊

Denman D38 Power Paddle

When they say dogs look like their owners, you can be confident this brush won’t make you look like a dog, but it will make you look so dog gone good!

 Dogs & Owners Lookalike

The new D38 Power Paddle Dog Print range is exclusively available for a limited time from the Denman Online Store. You’d be barking mad to miss them!? *NOTE: For human hair only…sorry doggies! 

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