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They are dedicated to giving more young people the opportunity to create better futures through employment, education and enterprise. They promise to help those facing the greatest adversity onto a pathway to employment, while strengthening their network of opportunity and support for young people to give them the best chance of success in years to come no matter if they have been facing some serious issues such as homelessness or if they've been in trouble with the law. If the young person is willing to aim high - they are there.

Denman are also passionate about supporting  young people and nurturing their talents, so when they heard the Prince’s Trust was offering the course ‘Get started in Afro Caribbean Hair’, a guide to natural hair care, they were more than happy to donate a selection of free brushes for every attendee (approx 15 people) and also called in the help of their friend Junior Green who was fantastic and really inspired the attendees.

Denman hairbrushes are great for Natural hair whether it’s curly, coily, afro or anything in-between so the attendees were able to leave the course with the skills and the best tools for the job. The versatility of natural hair is magnificent but textured hair requires delicacy so it is important to find the right tools.


Denman has something for all hair types but if you are keen to find the best brushes for natural hair, here is a list of all the perfect brushes.

D3, D31, D4, D41, D5 -The perfect brushes for defining and transforming curls, detangling and blow drying. Great for brushing through conditioner on Natural hair and weaves.

D38 - The Power paddle is great for detangling and with the extra movement in the pad this will prevent snagging and give you a more gentle experience.  Always use plenty of conditioner and work your way up from the ends as this will protect against breakage.

D83 - The paddle brush is great for blowdrying natural hair, coily hair and weaves.  The paddle brush allows a snag free blow-dry with it’s sturdy handle and cushioned pad which gives the bristles movement.

D81/82 - These brushes, with their natural boar bristles, are great for those sleek styles and ponytails.

D92 Edge Tamer - This brush is great for Loc brushing.  It is also best for edging the baby hairs at the front of the head.  With its soft natural bristles, this is the closest brush to your own hair so it won’t cause any damage.

D17 Curl Volumiser - This Afro pick is great for adding that extra lift and volume to keep you feeling fabulous before the next wash day. It even has a hole in the handle to loop it through your belt so you can keep it with you at all times.

DPC6 - This comb is great for combing conditioner through your hair.

D79 or any of the wide range of combs DCP1-5 - Great for “The Chase method" when straightening hair with straighteners/flat irons.

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