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VEGANUARY - Denman NEW Vegan Range




 For some, starting the year by going vegan for 31 days in January is a great way to promote animal rights, look after their health, lower their carbon footprint or simply to start the year with a challenge or a feeling of purpose, but Denman are starting the year as they mean to go on by introducing their new, vegan friendly D81M & D82M with synthetic bristles.

 ‘The Style and Shine’ D81M and ‘The Finisher’ D82M are the perfect brushes to create shine and leave your hair looking smooth.  The D81M detangles while the D82M adds gloss to your perfect up-dos.

These brushes can be added to our already existing vegan-friendly range.

D6 Be Bop, D14 Mini Styler 5 Row, D3 Original Styler 7 Row, D4 Original Styler 9 Row

Denman are committed to running an eco-friendly business, promoting the responsible use of plastics and actioning positive change across our community.

Make a difference with Denman without compromising your style.

  • No physical anatomical animal content
  • No biological content (fur, milk, eggs etc)
  • No waste animal content – animal content produce as a by-product (glue, oils etc)
  • No manufacturing process that impacts on the welfare or well-being of animals

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