Started by an innovator more than 80 years ago, the iconic Denman brand remains a leading light in hairdressing today.

It was during a trip to New York, a young entrepreneur from Northern Ireland John Denman Dean was introduced to a new revolutionary product, Nylon. He returned home with a cabin full of this new material and soon after the war figured a use for it in hairbrushes. That was 1938 and by the 1950’s the reputation of this innovative new brush began to grow. But it was Vidal Sassoon’s 60’s hairdressing revolution that truly established the Denman and the ‘hairdressers’ hairbrush’. The Denman D3 Original Styler was the perfect tool to create the highly technical Sassoon haircuts like the iconic asymmetric Mary Quant bob.

The era of the superstar hairdresser was born. Celebrity hairdressers over the decades may all have had their own unique style, but they also all had a Denman hairbrush. And today this remains true, internationally recognised hair artists like Paul Stafford and Mark Woolley still use Denman tools to create their innovative and inspiring collections.

Denman was bought by the Rainey family in 1972 and a crucial part of their business plan was to continue the brand’s close partnership with the creative hairdresser. Working with influential hairdressers from around the world, Denman developed a vast array of different tools and brushes that today make up the Denman range. Still family owned and still based in Bangor Northern Ireland, Denman continues this collaboration with the hair professional. In October 2019 Denman launched the new Power Paddle brush; a brush that reduces drying time developed in conjunction with leading salon and session stylists. This commitment to investment and development has also been nationally recognised with both Maxwell Rainey OBE and Dr.John Rainey MBE receiving honours from the Queen.

In 2018 Denman took their ambassador programme a stage further and launched the Denman Global Collective. Led by Global Creative Director Paul Stafford, the Global Collective for the first time brought together members of the Denman Ambassador programme under one umbrella to share their work and promote their creativity.

The Collective joins together international hairdressing and barbering talents to share their skills and creative imagery to a worldwide audience. To date the Global Collective has members from Canada, Austria, Italy, Romania, France, Slovenia, Philippines, Australia, Poland even Kazakhstan; and of course the UK with more members regularly added.

As well as sharing the work of the Collective members to the international press and profiling them across Denman’s social media network, some members have been called up to showcase their skills to help promote the creativity of Denman. This brochure includes bespoke work from Australian Caterina Di Baise, barber expert Mike Taylor, natural hair specialist Junior Green and rising UK star Brandon Messinger.

For Denman the synergy of the product and the professional is paramount. This is summed up perfectly by Denman International CEO, Kevin McNamee, “We produce great brushes yes, but it’s the hairdressers that produce the creativity. I’m constantly amazed at the sheer vision and innovation in hair these artists come up with. We’re just proud that Denman helps in some small way in the creative process.”

A truly global brand, Denman is sold in over sixty countries and used by many thousands of hairdressers, barbers and beauty professionals. The company’s commitment to continually developing new products and support creativity ensures that Denman remains the hairdressers’ hairbrush.