Custom Branding

The process is simple – you put forward a request for the brush you want, including the brush handle colour, style, and the print/logo you would like added. We advise if it’s possible taking into consideration which machine/process suits best (Inkjet, Tampo, Hotfoil and of course our new full wrap Trichord machine).


Reasons for order can vary from:

  • Customer wants to sell
  • Customer wants to use for promotional purposes  - e.g freebie from their salon, business etc
  • Customer wants to promote alongside their brand - e.g  wants to give away with their wet line, electrical line etc
  • Freebie for Denman Marketing purpose (ambassador, friend of Denman, customer anniversary, charity etc) 
  • Availability – D3, D90L, D38 and D83 brushes *selected colours only
  • Note – Standard MOQ is 240pcs and lead-times apply