Denman Deluxe D90L Leopard Tangle Tamer Ultra

Beware - Big Cat On The Prowl! With this powerful D90L Leopard brush, your hair will be as sleek and smooth as a big cat's coat. No danger of tangled hair with this large detangling hairbrush that gently glides effortlessly through any tough knots. For a limited time only, so pounce on this now!

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Denman Deluxe D90L Leopard Tangle Tamer Ultra Denman Deluxe D90L Leopard Tangle Tamer Ultra
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PRODUCT LENGTH (inches): 9.65
PRODUCT WIDTH (inches): 3.15

Powerful Wet & Dry Detangling
This powerful detangling hairbrush is great for removing tough knots and tangles - perfect for long, thick hair
Premium Finish & Textured Feel
Using specialised High Definition Micro Fusion (a very efficient and environmentally friendly technology utilising a range of recyclable films and water based inks) this hairbrush has a fully wrapped design.
Smooth, Damage-Free Grooming
With an air-cushioned pad this brush gently responds to the contours of the head.
No Catch or Drag
Expertly designed super-strength nylon bristles allows the brush to glide through knots and tangles and reduce catch and drag.