Sebastian Nemi

Hairstylist and Educator

A passionate hairdresser, Sebastian began his hairdressing career in 2003 when his love of hairdressing saw it become part of every aspect of his life and personality.

With a keen eye for aesthetics and beauty, his dedication and commitment to his craft, his enthusiasm and creativity has seen Sebastian’s profile rise both domestically and abroad.

Hungry for knowledge, Sebastian became the assistant of French hairdresser Christopher Scarfogliero in 2005 before becoming a lector of French cutting method in the Czech and Slovak Republic in his own right in 2006.

By 2007 he was selected as a member of the official hairdressing team for national  ‘Miss Czech’ competition and became manager of the high profile Hair City salon in Prague.

Now the manager of Sirrah Natura in Mladá Boleslav, Sebastian is much in demand as a demonstrator and educator including working as a key technician for Italian hair colour brand Framesi.