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Cherry Blossom Season - Kyoto Cherry Blossom Collection

As the last of the blossoms fall, take home a little taste of spring.
Just like the blossoms on a cherry blossom tree, life is short.  The beauty is temporary  but with Denman’s Kyoto range your beauty will continue to blossom all year round.
 Denman Kyoto Cherry Blossom Hair Brush Collection


The beautiful botanical design on the D90L recreates the delicate blossoms.  Wrapped fully round the brush, it is scratch proof to prevent any of the precious blossoms from falling. 

Cherry Blossom Paddle Brush

It detangles all those nasty knots and is great for hair extensions and wigs.

 White / Pink D3 & D4 Hair Brush

The tiktok brushes, D3 & D4, celebrate the blossoms with a pink pad and white handle and are the ultimate multi-functional brush that can take care of all your hair care needs so you can look blooming marvellous.

The sculpted round-ended nylon pins separate, shape hair and define curls when your hair is wet. The nine rows of pins and larger head accommodate more voluminous or longer hair and provide increased grip and tension while the styling edges of the half-round brush create tension when shaping the hair during blow-drying.

 D6 Pink

To complete the collection we’ve added the striking pink D6. This “shower brush” is the perfect scalp massager and ideal for hair growth stimulation.


The Cherry Blossom trees remind us that even though the world can feel a little uncertain and scary there are still moments of joy and happiness and with this special range you can enjoy these moments every day.

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